Sauces and soups

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A colourful addition to the refrigerated section

Conveni produces a large selection of chilled sauces and soups. Products vary from a wide range of pasta sauces to sauces designed to accompany meat and fish. Our chilled soups are full of vegetables, well-seasoned and very colourful. Examples include our tomato soup and our carrot and coriander soup. All of our soups are made from good, honest ingredients, making them a great addition to the refrigerated section.

Completely free of preservatives

None of our chilled sauces and soups contain any preservatives. Added to this, the hot-fill process means that they can be kept in the fridge for up to several weeks. Our fresh pasta sauces are a valuable addition to the shelf of products that you will find next to the fresh pasta shelf. Besides our standard range of sauces and soups, we can develop recipes especially for you too. We also produce sauces and soups in pouches (up to five kilograms) for food service clients.

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