Ready Meals

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Prepared fresh every day

Here at Conveni, we prepare fresh meals for you every day: full of delicious and healthy vegetables. Meat, fish and vegetarian options are all possible, enabling you to serve up a proper meal in the blink of an eye.


Here at Conveni, you can choose from a number of tasty dishes that we sell to clients in the retail industry. These ultra-fresh meals consist of fresh vegetables, meat or fish and have a shelf life of up to seven days.

Hot fill

Conveni hot-fill meals - which include bami and nasi goreng dishes - are hot- filled straight away in the factory. This production method means that our hot-fill meals have a longer shelf life.

Long shelf life

We also use a pasteurisation unit in our autoclave to prepare meals with a long shelf life. We produce dishes for airline catering companies and non-food retail too. The sterilisation process used means that these meals have an – unrefrigerated – shelf life of up to 12 months.


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