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  • Team

    Welcome to Conveni. How can we help you?

    Conveni stands for authenticity, quality and freshness.

    Our team does its utmost each and every day to supply our clients and their customers with the most delicious pizzas, sauces, soups, meal components and meals to eat at home or on the go.

    Meet our people, take a look at our products and discover exactly what we can do for you.

  • Management


    Here at Conveni, I manage a team of enthusiastic, creative, innovative and driven people with a passion for food.

    Our mission is to produce authentic, honest, healthy, high-quality and fresh foods in a sustainable manner for food service companies, retail and industry. Our convenience products are available under a private label or under the Conveni label.

    We know the market like the back of our hand, have valuable commercial acumen to offer clients and are pleased to share our thoughts and ideas with you as part of a business-minded approach. We work with you to develop successful concepts, making it possible for us to achieve a joint growth in sales, while your customers enjoy our delicious, fresh products day after day after day!

  • Commercial


    In the food industry, product marketing plays a very important role in the sales success achieved by a particular product. Conveni is very aware of this fact, which is why our Commercial Department works very closely with the Product Development Department and we are also always pleased to share thoughts and ideas with our clients, making it possible to achieve the best possible market launch for our products.

    Our commercial advisers use their sales and marketing skills to work with you to develop a sales strategy designed to achieve a joint growth in sales. We do everything we can to make sure that our product range meets all of the needs of your target group.

    Our flexible production process enables us to quickly anticipate our clients' wishes and requirements. We can produce customised products or develop completely new products for you.

    All products can be packed and supplied under your own label or the Conveni label. Naturally, you can always rely on our help throughout the product branding process. Your success is our success!

  • Product development

    Product development

    To stand still is to go backwards. To be in a position to respond to ever changing demand from the market, product development is something that we here at Conveni are working on every day: it has very high priority. We work closely with the Commercial Department in an effort to find our what matters to our clients and to be able to respond to their wishes. Joint brainstorming sessions generate new insights and ideas, which we here in product development then actively set to work on in our test kitchen.

    Me and my team - which consists of three people - are responsible for developing new and existing products. This is something that we do with passion and pleasure every day. We work together to ensure that our clients benefit from the best results possible.

  • Production


    As the Production Manager, I am responsible for managing the technical service, the Production Department, the Logistics Department and the operations office. My job is to make sure that a good cohesive relationship exists between the various departments and that they work together well, making it possible for them to be flexible and maintain short production times.

    One of Conveni's major strengths is its ability to respond quickly to the needs of its clients. Our team members have significant knowledge and experience, making them so perfectly attuned to each other that they are able to quickly make changes to production processes and production lines. Ongoing interaction with the Commercial Department and the Development Department means that, even if questions arise on their side, we are able to adjust production as required.

  • Quality


    Conveni puts quality first. My job is to make sure that the level of quality required is actually achieved. I do this on the basis of strict quality controls, which enable us to maintain the quality of our products and improve it where possible too. We and our clients attach great importance to the value of food-industry certifications. I continually monitor our compliance with the strict requirements stipulated by the food inspectorate and quality labels, putting us in a position to retain existing certifications and gain new ones too.

    Sustainable and ecological production is the order of the day in all companies and food companies are no exception. I make sure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum in every aspect of the production process. I am also involved in the development of policy designed to prevent wastage and, as such, make production as environmentally friendly as possible.

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